3 February 2020

Croft Parish Council

Agenda Parish Council Meeting Monday February 3rd, 2020


The Chairman will introduce A New Councillor Mrs Ann Coxall


1 Apologies for absence


2 To sign as correct the minutes from the last meeting held on

2nd December 2019


3 Declarations of Interest


4 Matters to Report

a) Quotes for Bus Stop Repairs

No Tenders received

1 unable to tender

b) Invite sent to PCC to arrange a meeting to discuss Landowner ship

this will be referred to the PCC at the next meeting in February

c) Recreation Ground surfacing

106 Funds confirmed by East Lindsey £2520.00, which means we can extend area by 29 M2. PCC contacted to advise them of the extra coverage, awaiting reply after their meeting on the 6 th February

d) Cllr Dowlman has been nominated for a place at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party

e) The Clerk has been investigating costs of a Bus Shelter on the corner of Church Lane


5 Correspondence received



6 Informative matters from LCC & ELDC Councilors


7 Planning Applications

a) Decisions


Application to remove condition 4 (restricting colour of caravans) imposed on planning permission ref. no. S/023/0387/17 for the change of use of land for the siting of 30 no. static lodge/caravans.

Jockhedge, Wainfleet Road, Burgh Le Marsh, SkegnesS, PE24 5AH

Unanimously agreed to Support a variation to the condition in the form of grey/Green, would not Support a removal of the condition



Planning Permission - Excavation of land to form a fishing lake with 22 no. fishing pegs, (which is presently on site). Change of use of land to form an extension to existing touring caravan site for the siting of 47 no. static caravans with vehicular parking, a gas storage compound with surrounding fencing to a maximum height of 1.8 metres, lighting bollards and construction of internal access roads and vehicular parking area.

Land Rear Of Rivulet House, Pinchbeck Lane, Croft


Full Planning Permission Granted

b) Submitted


Planning Permission - Change of use of land for the temporary siting of 10no. static caravans and 2no. touring caravans to provide accommodation for site operatives in connection with the offshore wind farm development and associated carparking area (works completed).

Mark Shaw Water Plants, Church Lane, Croft, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE24 4RU


c) To Discuss


Section 73 application to continue to use as holiday lets without complying with Condition No. 2 ( Plan Numbers) and Condition No. 5 (Walled Enclosures) as imposed on Planning Permission Ref. No. S/039/2514/18, 'Change of use, conversion of, extension and alterations to existing outbuildings into 4no. holiday lets and erection of 1no. holiday let'.

Toll Bar Farm, Croft Marsh, Croft, Skegness, PE24 4SR


8 Finance

a) Bills paid Between Meetings

December salary £277.98

Inland Revenue £208.20

Beacom - Village Hall £164.20

b) Bills to Pay

Salary January £277.98

Halton Holegate PC – share of Microsoft package £ 33.33

Beacom - Village Hall £164.20

c) Account Balances

Treasurer account £ 1798.08

Instant Account £79005.05

Petty Cash £18.88

d) To authorize a transfer of £10000.00 from the instant account to the Treasurer account

e) Precept claim of £10897.00 has been submitted


9 Footpaths & Highways

a) Outstanding

Croft Road sign damage reported

3356984 Pothole Church Lane/road to Council Properties – acknowledged

b) Reported – Rights of way post at Footpath 264 and Pinchbeck Lane


10 Village Hall

a) Report – Cllr Mr. P Vokes


11) Speed Watch Report – Speed watch Co Ordinator Mrs Coxall


12) Recreation Ground – Funding - Cllr Peacock

To propose a funding Officer to work with the Clerk

To arrange a consultation


13) Path to the A52 – Cllr Bowser


14) Wildflower Garden – Cllr Moore

To arrange a visit by Contractor


15) Agenda Items for the next meeting


Next Meeting March 2nd, 2020